AXIS JAVA on a connector frame work

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AXIS JAVA on a connector frame work

Kanchana Welagedara

Hi All

I have to do an implementation of web services in a connected frame work
which is not currently base on web services. The requirements are, the
existing code base is written in C++ and it should be remaining as it is for
the consumer and Connector frame work with the reimplementation of C++ web
services while the connectors and thirds party services should be ported to
JAVA and implemented using Axis JAVA. Once you implement the web service
concept on this, there can be number of Connector Framework Web Services
configured for availability within a given infrastructure. One service can
be for servicing a given set of 3rd party services while another different
set. There can be overlap (redundancy) between configured Connector
Framework Web Services. The responsibility of managing these distributed
Connector Framework Web Services (Which is written in C++) falls on the
Connector Framework Dispatcher Web Service which is communicated from
Consumer to the Connector Framework.
(Through the Connector Framework Dispatcher Web Service, it should be able
to connect to the third party as such LDAP and JDBC .Those connectors are
written using JCA (Java connector Architecture) .
My problems are

1. How can I use JCA (since the JSR112 is not implemented on Axis yet)
client with Axis Java?
2. If one my third party services is OpenLDAP how can I use Axis to access
this service using a JCA connector client?

Can any Body help me on this?

Lanka Software Foundation (