AXIS2C on VISTA / VS9 and DLL Dependencies

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AXIS2C on VISTA / VS9 and DLL Dependencies

Stadelmann Josef-2
AXIS2C on VISTA / VS9 and DLL Dependencies

Hi all,

I wonder If one can tell me what is wrong;

Checked out ZLIB, LIBXML2, AXISC sources and I have build all error free using nmake and visual studio 2008 on a Vista System (SP1)

I have read the %axis2c_home%\build\deploy\INSTALL manual

(thank you for this very valuable information in this manual)

Now, when I try to launch axis2_http_server.exe I get

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)

When I look on my Vista System which has among many thing i.e. Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite installed, as well as Office etc. then .

I cannot find at all the MSVCR80D.dll but many of the MSVCR90D.dlls (a newer version) OR older versions such as MSVCR70D.dll

What is wrong with my setup? OR Why do I miss MSVCR80D.dll?

At the moment I try to figure out using the Dependency Walker which other DLL?s are missing or can’t be located. And for axis2_http_server.exe, there are quite a lot; in example Dependency walker cannot locate MSVCR90D.dll which is on my system. I guess this DLL is correctly registered because I do not assume / think that other tools will work without this important central DLL.

*** and maybe one can give me a hint how to debug native code (ANSI C code is compiled into native code only using VS2009),

I managed to do so at VS/VC 6.0 times but guess, due to this missing DLLs etc. I have no lucle to do so.), Further I had no difficulty to compile and build (to make) using VS2003 all of AXIS2C including LIBXML2 and ZLIB below, and I was at all times able to debug test and dig down into axutil code or libxml2 code, but today with VS2008 I feel like amateur!, How can I dig down into underlying libs; or do I have to go back to VS2003 or even VS6.0? away from my VS2008TS ***

How shall I proceed?

Any ideas welcome!

Regards and Thanks


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