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Apache Transport for AMQP

Yashwanth Rajaram -X (yrajaram - ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES INC at Cisco)

Hi All,


I am exploring to invoke web services over AMQP. So want to get some pointers/tutorials etc. Would appreciate your responses/pointers/thoughts.


1)      Is there a transport support available for AMQP or should we use JMS transport to communicate to a web service via say RabbitMQ?


2)      Is Apache Transports project (http://axis.apache.org/axis2/java/transports/) still active – I see that it was last published in 2009? Is there a new/later web site for Transports project?


3)      From this blog https://kishanthan.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/amqp-transport-for-wso2-esb-based-on-rabbitmq-java-client/ I find that there is a separate AMQP support for WSO2 available. Can this be used directly  on Apache Axis2 1.6 (Java)?


4)      Also can you share your thoughts on https://github.com/carenini/axis2-transport-amqp - is this an implementation that can be used instead of JMS to take advantage of AMQP (on Apache Axis2 1.6) ?


Sincerely, Yashwanth