[Axis1.1] How to set attachments? (working with WSLD2Java classes)

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[Axis1.1] How to set attachments? (working with WSLD2Java classes)

Vjeran Marcinko
Hi again.

I asked this question before, but since I didn't get any answer I'll do it
How to set attachments for certain actions, when using WSLD2Java generated
stubs  ?

I have service locator generated by WSLD2Java, and I want to use it's port
as concurrent client stub (FooPort) for my client application.

I instantiate some FooPort client stub during my application start, like :
FooServiceLocator fooServiceLocator = new FooServiceLocator();
FooPort fooPort = fooServiceLocator.getFooPort(...url...);
..thus I could call it's action whenever I want to by :

Since FooPort is thread-safe I can really call concurrently it's actions, as
shown above, but problem is how do I set attachments to this doSomeAction()
when calling it ?

I assume it has to be some ThreadLocal way, so I was looking at
MessageContext class, but I get null reference to it, thus I'm stuck... :-(


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