Blocker bug created AXIS-1976: dotNetSoapEncFix

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Blocker bug created AXIS-1976: dotNetSoapEncFix

Dovholuk, Clint
This is an FYI

Hello All,

I was having very odd .NET interop issues with Axis 1.2rc3 and Axis 1.2
and I've tracked it down to the dotNetSoapEncFix flag.

It seemed to me to be getting reset "randomly" to false.  I did some
digging and when I debugged the engine I found that
tring version) was resetting the flag when my auto-generated Axis
classes called a .NET web service...

This was causing huge issues with my soap responses.

My workaround (for the time being) is that if you set your
dotNetSoapEncFix=true in the server-config.wsdd then you need to do
something along the lines of:

      TypeMappingImpl.dotnet_soapenc_bugfix = true; //or whichever value
you "need"

before every return; which is not ideal, but it works.

I've opened a blocker bug for this