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henry lu-3
I got the following errors again (It never been fixed!):

     [java] ret1=Henry
     [java] ret2=Henrynull

Here is my interface:
package ws.Echo;

public interface Echo
    public String echoString(String arg);
    public String echoString_double(String arg1, String arg2);

Here is my server:

package ws.Echo;

public class EchoImpl implements ws.Echo.Echo{
    public java.lang.String echoString(java.lang.String in0) throws
java.rmi.RemoteException {
        return in0;

    public java.lang.String echoString_double(java.lang.String in0,
java.lang.String in1) throws java.rmi.RemoteException {
        return in0+in1;


Here is my client:

  public void go() throws Exception
    m_src = new ClnEchoLocator(m_server_url );



    Echo srv_port = m_src.getEcho();
      java.lang.String string_x1="Henry";
      java.lang.String string_x2="Lu";

      java.lang.String ret1 = srv_port.echoString(string_x1);


      java.lang.String ret2 = srv_port.echoString_double(string_x1,


I am using Axis 1.2.1


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1.2 vs. 1.1 Performance under Websphere

Has anyone compared Axis 1.1 versus Axis 1.2 performance under Websphere
Enterprise 5.1.1 for simple RPC use?  We're finding some odd performance
characteristics under Websphere and we're trying to figure out where an
upgrade fits in our priorities.  Obviously, the greater the performance
improvement, the more interest in the upgrade.

Mike B.