Change Transport Layer on Axis1.4

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Change Transport Layer on Axis1.4

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Spec : Jdk1.6
Axis2 :1.4
O/s : Linux64 :Suse

For Various reason the Env cannot be upgraded.

 Require to  Configure and use Transport layer over JMS

1) Apache ActiveMq is configured /started
2) axis2.xml is configured for "transportReceiver" & "transportSender"

On Startup  of Axis2 I am able to see the binding of

[INFO] Connection factory : default initialized...
[INFO] Connection factory : myTopicConnectionFactory initialized...
[INFO] Connection factory : myQueueConnectionFactory initialized...

Question : On googling /Axis2 form I could not get info on How to further
               configure my existing "abcd.aar" application  to use the JMS transport
               and completer the test process.

If any body hase any ideas...plz reply

with regards