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Custom classloader/codebase question?

Dan Creswell-3
Hi Folks,

I've been working with WSDD and have a collection of services that use
the RPCProvider.  It appears from the documentation and the code that
there is no support for defining a codebase for each individual service.

What I'd like to do is:

(1)    Allow specification of the codebase as a parameter just like
className and allowedMethods etc

(2)    Modify the necessary bits of code to tweak the classloader
hierarchy such that each service runs in the appropriate classloader for
it's codebase.

I can think of several different ways to do this including implementing
a new provider which subclasses or delegates some of it's work to
RPCProvider.  It appears that classloading duties could be tweaked in
either JavaProvider or RPCProvider itself.  It also appears seems like I
could add a new provider by tweaking WSDDProvider or by specifying an
appropriate resource file in the .jars (if I grok'd the code correctly).

I'd appreciate a little architectural guidance on the best approach to
this problem - just a few pointers as to where to make modifications etc.

Many thanks in advance,

Dan Creswell