Need clarification regarding 'axis2_options_set_timeout_in_milli_seconds' api.

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Need clarification regarding 'axis2_options_set_timeout_in_milli_seconds' api.

A S, Badareenath (NSDi)

Hello Axis2C team,


I am writing a client using axis2/c apis. I am using sync call ‘axis2_svc_client_send_receive_with_op_qname’ to send the payload.


So now I have two questions,


1.     May I use ‘axis2_options_set_timeout_in_milli_seconds’ to set the timeout value? I do not want client to block forever if  there is no response from the server.

[There is some contradictory statements between Axis2/c and axis2/java documentations of the above api.!!

Axis2C says “Sets the time out in milli seconds. This is used in asynchronous message exchange scenarios to specify how long the call back object is to wait for the response.”

But axis2/java says “This is used in blocking scenario. Client will time out after waiting this amount of time.”

So one is saying it is to be used in ‘blocking’ mode and other says it is to be used in ‘non-blocking’ mode. Is that implemented differently in Axis2C and Axis2Java?]


2.     This timeout should not be specific to ‘blocking’ or ‘non-blocking’ scenario right? In either case I do not want to wait for the response (in blocking mode it is in same thread and in non-blocking mode call back object will wait for the response!) forever when there is no response from the server. How do I achieve this?


Request the team to reply ASAP.