Need help with custom soap faults???

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Need help with custom soap faults???

Michael Tyler - ISD



According to this blog what I am trying to do is possible, but does not seem to be working.  Hoping someone can point me to what I am doing wrong pretty quickly, or to a link that will walk by thru the steps, as I am on a pretty tight project timeline.


The blogs states that the WSLD2C code generation should add extra structures and extra function parameters for custom SOAP faults.  I am not getting these extra fields from the code generation.  Do I need to modify the generated code manually???


I am including the output from WSDL2C, including the jar files being used.


I command line that I ran to create the code. ‘ -uri dataLoadTool_Implementation_STORE_V1_0.wsdl -u –ss’


The resulting skeleton files products from the run.


The WSDL and XSD files that I used when calling WSDL2C.



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WSDL2C_output.rtf (6K) Download Attachment
axis2_skel_dataLoadTool_STORE.c (3K) Download Attachment
axis2_skel_dataLoadTool_STORE.h (3K) Download Attachment
axis2_svc_skel_dataLoadTool_STORE.c (16K) Download Attachment
dataLoadTool_Implementation_STORE_V1_0.wsdl (1K) Download Attachment
dataLoadTool_Interface_STORE_V1_0.wsdl (7K) Download Attachment
dataLoadToolBusinessData.xsd (14K) Download Attachment
dataLoadToolCoreData.xsd (6K) Download Attachment