No logs when comment Axis2GlobalPoolSize

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No logs when comment Axis2GlobalPoolSize

Jose M Medina V
Hello every one, I have the some issue.

I use axis2c as apache module with the following configuration in the httpd.conf

LoadModule axis2_module /usr/local/httpd-2.2.15/modules/
Axis2RepoPath /opt/axis2c-1.6
Axis2LogFile /opt/axis2c-1.6/logs/axis.log
#Axis2LogLevel info
#Axis2LogLevel warn
Axis2LogLevel debug
Axis2ServiceURLPrefix services
Axis2MaxLogFileSize 5124
Axis2GlobalPoolSize 32
<Location /axis2>
 SetHandler axis2_module

When I comment the parameter Axis2GlobalPoolSize, the axis2c stop generate the log file!!!

Anybody has an idea that what happening?


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