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Re: Axis move to the Attic (was: Board concerns over Axis project reports - README)

Bill Blough

I didn't respond to the previous email because I am neither a committer
nor a PMC member.  But since there has been no response (I had assumed
there might be some on the private list, but apparently not), I'd like to
chime in.

Some applications I'm responsible for rely on axis2-c quite a bit.
Therefore I have a vested interest in keeping axis going, and am willing
to commit some time to it.

I've made some recent patch contributions trying to further the 1.7.0
roadmap that was previously laid out.  However, I cannot commit them, so
they sit in JIRA.  (Side note: I subbitted my ICLA to the secretary (and
was ACK'd), so I'm clear to become a committer if someone were to
approve it.)

I haven't done much work on axis lately, because I'm stuck in a sort of
limbo. I want axis to succeed, but I have limited time to work on
FLOSS projects - if axis is destined for the attic (it seems so from the
lack of activity), then my time is better spent elsewhere.  But if it's
going to be around for a while, then it's worth it to me to work on it.
However, I don't want to spend a ton of time working on improvements
only to have them never committed and the whole project shuffled off to
the attic.  I would be better off spending that time finding and
migrating to another library (not that any good options really exist,

So with that said - I'm willing to commit to some number of hours per
month (I'm not sure what that number is yet) to working on axis.  If
that needs to include participating in the board, then I would be willing to
do that as well.  But my commitment is dependent on enough other
people stepping up to keep axis moving forward and out of the attic.


On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 04:50:29PM -0400, Shane Curcuru wrote:

> (bcc: general@, c-dev@, board@ for FYI)
> Since there hasn't been any response to the below email by any PMC
> members (or indeed any community members), it may be time Axis to go to
> the Apache Attic, and turn the entire project read-only.
> To be blunt: if there are not three active PMC members to ensure that
> the board has quarterly reports and the project could vote on a
> potential security release, my estimate is that the board will move the
> entire Axis project to the Attic no later than the November board
> meeting, possibly earlier.
> I strongly urge any PMC members or even committers on the project to
> step up, propose a new PMC chair, and work on a report for the board ASAP.
> ---- Some perspective on why board reports are important ----
> In the governance model at the ASF the board delegates responsibility
> for managing projects to PMCs. To enable to board to provide oversight
> across the foundation, the the PMCs aretasked with providing the board
> with a quarterly report on the health of the project. The board has
> noticed that the reports for XXX have been missed for a number
> of months.
> The reports to the board are normally written by the PMC chair but all
> PMC members have an individual responsibility to ensure that a report is
> submitted. If the PMC chair is not available then any PMC member can
> submit the report. If you need help with this process, please reach out
> to [hidden email]
> Please ensure that a report for XXX is submitted to the board for the
> next meeting.
> If the PMC chair is not going to be available for an extended period of
> time it may make sense to rotate the PMC chair. Rotating the PMC chair
> does not mean the current chair has failed. People's situations and
> interests change, and rotation is good as it allows more people to
> become familiar with that role. Again, if assistance is required with
> this process, please feel free to reach out to [hidden email]
> As projects mature, they will naturally reach a point where activity
> reduces to a level that the project is no longer sustainable. At Apache,
> projects reach this stage when there are no longer 3 active PMC members
> providing oversight. Projects that reach this stage are placed in the
> attic [1].  If XXX has reached this point, please reach out to the Attic
> project to arrange transfer. On the other hand, if your project is
> mostly dormant but still has at least three active PMC members it can
> stay in that state for as long as needed. If your project is in such a
> state, please mention that in your report and verify the PMC's state at
> regular intervals.
> Finally, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to
> [hidden email]
> ----
> On 2017-09-20 10:31, Shane Curcuru <[hidden email]> wrote: > (Note
> mixed private/public lists)
> >
> > The ASF requires that any Apache project have at least three somewhat
> > active PMC members - such that they can do things like review patches,
> > and in particular vote to release a software update in case of security
> > issues.  To verify that Apache projects are still operating by ASF
> > policies, the board requires that each PMC provides a report of activity
> > and project health each quarter.
> >
> > It's clear there's still some contributors wanting to work on Axis, but
> > lately, it's equally clear from watching the lack of acceptable reports
> > to the board that the PMC as a whole is not working out.
> >
> > I strongly urge all PMC members still listening here to work out among
> > yourselves a plan to 1) choose a new project chair and recommend them to
> > the board ASAP and 2) engage with the contributors still here to review
> > their work and keep the project moving forward.
> >
> > If the PMC (and/or committers on the project) can't show some obviously
> > organized energy at project management, then perhaps it's time for the
> > project as a whole to consider moving to the Attic soon.
> --
> - Shane
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