Web-Service containing session information to another service.

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Web-Service containing session information to another service.


I have a situtaion where my AXIS web-service creates a session to another technology on login.
ie. When I execute the login method on the web-service, it creates it's own session to another technology.

Because of this, I need to maintain a session to the web-service, and the web-service must maintain a session to another service.

My question is, if I lose the session to the web-service, for whatever reason (server restart.?), how would I first end the session
that it created with the other service?

So I basically want like a destructor method on the web-service that MUST be called to end the session it has with the other technology.

Would I be able to do this?

Also, to handle the web-service session, I'm using SOAP-based sessions and adding SimpleSessionHandler to each request/response call.
Should I add the same SimpleSessionHandler object to each call? Or can I just create a new one?


// sessionHandler is already instantiated in this case, and the same object is used for all calls
call.setClientHandlers(sessionHandler, sessionHandler);


SimpleSessionHandler sessionHandler = new SimpleSessionHandler();
call.setClientHandlers(sessionHandler, sessionHandler);