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<excludeOperations> for over loaded methods ...HowTO

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I have to expose a web service with certain restrictions.

Problem : Have a jar with methods in class of same  signatures ... preferebly called over loaded methods.

 ex :  

   a) public StringBuilder getCcardDetls(String name, String uid, String passwd);
   b) public StringBuilder getCcardDetls(String name, String primaryKey);


I cannot annotate the code @WebMethod(exclude=true) ..since the src for jar is already NOT available

I can add the "<excludeOperations>" in service.xml as shown below

  <excludeOperations>getCcardDetls</excludeOperations> this would block both the methods (a & b )

I need to expose method (a) alone and hide the method (b) from the WebService.

How or what additional changes required ?

with regards