set operation name in axis2/c client

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set operation name in axis2/c client

Gordon Brown-4
Hi All,
 Is there a way to set the operation name in the axis2/c client?
I have the following piece of code that has been working for me:


_wsf_service_client = axis2_svc_client_create(_env, client_home);


axis2_endpoint_ref_t *endpoint_ref = axis2_endpoint_ref_create(_env, m_endpointAddr);


/* Setup options */

_options = axis2_options_create(_env);

axis2_options_set_to(_options, _env, endpoint_ref);

axis2_options_set_soap_version(_options, _env, AXIOM_SOAP11);

axis2_options_set_enable_rest(_options, _env, AXIS2_FALSE);


status = axis2_options_set_soap_action(_options, _env, soap_action);     <== setting soapAction


axiom_node_t * node = axis2_svc_client_send_receive(_wsf_service_client, _env, firstChild);




But now that I have a WSDL that defines NO soapAction. I wonder if I need to send the operation name over together with the request. But then I noticed that I don't seem to have an API to set the operation name to the options.


Thanks in advance!